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"If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us walk together."

 -Lila Watson




Overcoming Racism provides high-impact race and equity professional development and consultation that aims to aid our partners in developing the capacity and orientation to equity that allows them to create institutions that dismantle systems of oppression that exist in their work and to improve the collective cultural competence of team members.  


By affecting change via the governing philosophies, practices, systems, structures, and policies of an organization, organizations can acknowledge and celebrate the ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds of all in service of an inclusive anti-racist environment that unapologetically demands equity and justice. 




Racism and all other intersections of oppression shape opportunity and access in U.S. society. Everyday, people of marginalized groups will face the brutal realities of systemic oppression, stereotype threat, and micro-aggressions in their everyday pursuits. It is critical that we work together to dismantle these systems in service of equity and justice for all.

black students are 

The median wealth of white households ($171,000) is 10 times more than the median wealth of black households ($17,100)

Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native women are 2 to 3 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women.

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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Through meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion courses and training, Overcoming Racism brings innovative and actionable solutions to complex issues around racial equity. We envision a society that is free from exploitation, oppression, and division in which all people can thrive.

Anti-Racism Training for Enterprises and Businesses

Overcoming Racism works to provide high-impact development consulting to professionals that centers on dismantling racism. Our aim is to facilitate the goals of our partners in growing and maintaining organizations that not only dismantle systems of oppression but also improve the cultural competence of their team members. We offer a range of services that support and influence change in the workplace or in any organizational setting. These changes will impact the following aspects of any organization that wants to cultivate an environment of racial equity:
  • Philosophies
  • Systems
  • ractices
  • Structures
  • Policies
With changes to these components, organizations develop into institutions that celebrate the culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds of everyone with whom they come in contact. The ultimate goal of Overcoming Racism is to create and sustain a society that not only celebrates equity but also unapologetically demands it.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Training Are Vital

Racism and all forms of oppression hinder access and opportunity for millions of people throughout the neighborhoods and communities of the United States. Every day, marginalized people are challenged and threatened by microaggressions, stereotyping, profiling, and other unjust realities of systemic oppression. Racism doesn't just harm members of marginalized communities. Attempts to uphold racial inequalities have stifled progress that would benefit everyone in our communities, our workplaces and our schools. The only way that justice will truly be attained in American society is to dismantle the stereotypes, ingrained injustices, and discriminatory policies that feed underlying disadvantages not only in the workplace but also throughout public institutions of all types. Overcoming Racism works for positive change in service of justice and equity for all.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Courses and Services

Building sustainable change by centering on marginalized populations is something that we at Overcoming Racism are passionately dedicated to, and we are committed to sharing that passion with organizations of every scope. The need for collaboration in order to achieve racial equity is omnipresent, and we support individuals and organizations as they further their endeavors in reaching that equity. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion courses and services are based on the idea that people can and do change systems. All people have the power to change even the deepest-rooted forms of bigotry, prejudice, racism, and discrimination, and our services exist to help organizations bring people together and tear down the walls of racism.

Executive Coaching with Diversity and Inclusion Training

Our teams work with several types of groups, including the following:
  • Executives
  • Political organizations
  • Schools
  • Business enterprises
  • Community groups
Our goal is to provide personal and professional guidance regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments. In order to envision, develop, and carry out equity priorities, leaders of organizations must have solid support. Our executive coaching is designed to provide that support in addition to objective assessments. These techniques help organizational leaders become more inspirational and effective in their development as they lead the fight against racism. Our executive coaching is available for groups as well as for individuals in six-month and twelve-month cycles.

Intensive Workshops for Anti-Racism Training

We call our workshops “intensives” because they are interactive and elicits passionate engagement from those who participate in them. We offer an introductory workshop that can be delivered virtually in two four-hour (half-day) installments or in person over eight hours (full-day) with a minimum initial engagement of eight hours. These intensives focus on the systemic causes of inequity and are geared to help participants identify causes of and solutions to inequity in their own environments. These environments can include:
  • Educational facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Performing arts environments
  • Public service buildings
  • Workplaces in any industry or niche
  • Government jurisdictions
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Athletic organizations
Workshops lay the foundation for solutions by educating participants on theories and best practices aimed at shifting patterns and outcomes. Every significant change begins with a theory, but it needs to move from that to design, then to practice. From there, the practice must move to execution. Finally, after a change is carried out, the results must be maintained, upheld, and supported. Our diversity and inclusion training workshops catalyze this process of moving from theory to maintenance. We always work directly with our partners to customize the content of our workshops for implementation.

Diversity and Inclusion Training Consulting Services

When organizations enlist our consulting services, we help them develop strategic plans around inclusion and equity. In addition, we support administrations, boards, and leaders as they deepen their understanding of inequity. We do this by launching affinity groups and providing instruction on creating more inclusive environments. Overcoming Racism is leading the way by offering a series of consulting support services like these that are specifically designed to help organizations move from anti-racism theory to practice. Our consulting is project-based after initial discovery which might be hourly based, and again, they can be customized to meet the needs of those who will receive the services.

Equity Needs Assessments

We offer our partners equity needs assessments with three main components:
  • Initial survey
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Data analysis
With the survey, we take in information related to anything and everything we need to perform the assessments. We then interview stakeholders and create a data analysis report of organization-wide trends. In order to be effective and empower members of the affected group, the program must be aligned with the organization’s existing practices and policies. Furthermore, we have designed the equity needs assessment to serve larger organizations that operate across many different sites and locations. The assessments may not be relevant or beneficial for organizations with less than fifty employees. There are other meaningful ways Overcoming Racism can engage with smaller organizations.

Speaking Engagements

Our speakers have spoken to groups and individuals not just across the United States but also in international settings. We converse about diversity, equity, and education, race and justice-related topics in presentations that are tailored to the needs of the organizations to which we speak. Our expert speakers are available for engagements of between 30 minutes and 90 minutes, and they also offer Q and A sessions. Following our sessions, participants feel empowered and ready to challenge systems of oppression. They feel more capable and confident about having productive conversations that revolve around race and equity.

What We Offer to Partners of Overcoming Racism

Those who come to us for our services are able to build more equitable institutions and provide better services for their clients, customers, students, patrons, and community members. As our schools, our workplaces, and our society becomes increasingly diverse, organizations who do the work today to embrace diversity and equity will have a competitive advantage today and tomorrow. Our partners learn to create inclusive environments that help retain employees as they also eliminate negative outcomes for those who patronize their organizations. Many organizational leaders use our services to address the root cause of problems like difficulty retaining employees of color or disparate educational outcomes between black students and white students. What sets us apart from others in the industry is our focus on the education sector: We are all educators. Our organization is led by former teachers, administrators, and community leaders. We focus our attention and efforts on dismantling systems of oppression instead of individual biases and beliefs that are inherently racist. In addition, Overcoming Racism has been trusted time and time again to team up with an impressive array of corporate organizations that are known for leading the way on social justice issues, such as the NBA.

Why Contact Overcoming Racism?

At Overcoming Racism, every one of us shares the same vision: a society in which a beloved community flourishes and thrives on equity. Our values guide us in everything we do, and we work to share our convictions with those who share that vision. We’ve made it our mission to help our partners in developing the orientation, capacity, and support they need to create institutions that overcome racism while delivering business stellar results for patrons and employees.. These institutions are those that dismantle systems of oppression while they work to improve the collective cultural awareness and competence of their peers. Our partners who contact us, whether for our executive coaching, our speakers, our diversity and inclusion training workshops, or our analyses, are provided the tools they need to do their part in building an equitable society. The work we do helps our partners understand and recognize how systems of oppression operate. We help enlighten and empower our partners to build authentic relationships across racial differences. In doing so, our partners are able to create a foundation for an ongoing focus on anti-racism, equity, and a beloved community moving forward. Our race and equity professional development services, coaching, and consultation can help your organization lay the foundation for a culture of equity. Those who are successful in this today will be the organizations that carry the torch for positioning society to navigate the diverse landscape of the future.

Reach Out to Grow Your Anti-Racism, Equity, and Diversity Initiatives

Overcoming Racism is committed to providing anti-racism education and consulting services in the United States, Europe and beyond. Our work is always tailored for the population, the location, and the industry of each partner that works with us. Our teams are dedicated to building structures to eliminate systems of oppression within and surrounding organizations. Changing outcomes and improving relations depend upon an organization’s ability to shift its practices, and that’s where we come in. We have more than 15 years of experience in teaching and in leadership within the anti-racism space. We invite you to contact Overcoming Racism today to help catalyze the movement by working toward racial justice within your organization and throughout your community. We partner with every type of group, entity, enterprise, and organization to advance equity and racial justice beyond our institutions. We do so to advance equity in the foundations of our cultures. Organizational values play a significant role in the fight for racial justice. They clarify and enforce core beliefs to shape and support the visions of a beloved community in which all people thrive and grow. We value movements and institutions that build toward a just society free of racial hierarchy. To learn more about Overcoming Racism or any of our services and programs, contact us today.


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