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Intensive Workshops for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Overcoming Racism is a leading DEI consulting and education provider in the U.S. and beyond. We’re proud to help others carry the torch, cultivating a world where racial equality & equity prevails. A focus on DEI is critical for organizations across all industries and sectors, including education, administration, entertainment, and everything in between.

Our intensive diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops are designed to positively impact more than a single person or even a small group; we tailor our services to the industry, location, and population of every organization, industry, and facility that works with us.

Actionable, Intensive Workshops for Educators, Administrators, and Other Professionals

We bring actionable solutions for complex racial equality and equity problems through meaningful diversity workshops, sharing our vision for a culture free from oppression, division, and exploitation. We do this by working with our partners to sculpt a solid foundation rooted in best practices.

Overcoming Racism works to ignite the passions of our partners by assuming a policy-first approach that examines historical context during intensive workshops.

It’s not enough to simply dismantle systems of oppression; that’s why we help our partnering organizations rebuild with an environment of inclusion and equity at its center. Our services, diversity workshops, and training sessions have been proven effective and powerful tools for influencing change at the organizational level.

Our partners have goals concerning racial equality, and Overcoming Racism is here to help facilitate those goals. We do this by transforming organizational policies and procedures, systems, structures, philosophies, and practices.

What is the supreme goal of Overcoming Racism? Why do we work so passionately during our equity workshops? Because we want to help create a world that doesn’t just tolerate differences. Instead, we work toward a world that celebrates them.

Everyone deserves a workplace — and a world — that celebrates and demands equity. That’s why we go beyond typical DEI instruction and take a more active, engaging approach to tear down racist systems, microaggressions, and injustices in educational environments.

We also partner with workplaces, employers, go
vernment establishments, healthcare facilities, and other organizations in any industry.

The Impact of Our Intensive Inclusion & Diversity Workshops

At Overcoming Racism, we are passionate about building sustainable change by empowering everyone in the workplace to be a driving force for equity and racial equality. Every day, marginalized people suffer from hindered opportunities and access in their communities. We aim to join our partners to help eradicate this suffering.

By empowering teams through our equity workshops, we can achieve true justice, dismantling systems that enable stereotyping, profiling, microaggressions, and other detrimental symptoms of oppression. We strive for change that will impact equity for all people, and our inclusion workshops serve as the vehicle for that change.

The antiracism training that our equity, inclusion, and diversity workshops provide is delivered through interactive, inspirational engagement by our participants and our team members. It’s why we call these workshops our “intensives!” We also offer executive coaching with DEI training included.

All of our training, coaching, and intensive workshops deliver professional and personal guidance to a wide variety of groups in various fields and industries, including:

  • Schools

  • Administrators

  • Executives

  • Community organizations

  • Political groups

  • Business enterprises

What kinds of systems do we work in? You’ll find our intensive equity workshops in facilities and environments like:

  • Government agencies

  • Public service institutions

  • Educational institutions

  • Medical facilities

  • Performing arts centers

There is no right or wrong environment for our equity workshops. Our racial equality and antiracism training intensives are happening in every niche and industry, including nonprofit organizations and athletic clubs.

We don’t focus heavily on the idea of unconscious bias because we believe bias must be eliminated with workable, practical solutions. We teach those solutions to identify and eliminate bias-tarnished policies, practices, and environments, not just the biases themselves.

Introductory Equity Workshops

At Overcoming Racism, we offer intensive introductory workshops, which can be carried out virtually in two half-day sessions of four hours each. Alternatively, these workshops can be delivered in person over the course of one day, which requires an initial minimum engagement of at least eight hours.

During these inclusion & diversity workshops, we help participants identify underlying causes of inequity and find solutions that are actionable in their own environments.

The professional and personal guidance we provide during workshops focuses on developing and executing equity priorities. To do this, the leaders of workplaces and organizations of all kinds must have professional support. That’s where we come in.

Our teams work with organizational leaders to become more effective and inspirational in developing and spreading an antiracist influence in their work environment. The techniques we use are available for individuals and groups in six-month and year-long cycles.

These intensives set the stage for equity solutions by educating participants on best practices and theories that target shifting more than just patterns; they aim to shift outcomes.

At Overcoming Racism, we believe every change begins with a dream and a theory. In order to move from that dream, it has to be designed in detail, then practiced until it’s perfected. Then, practice must finally move to execution, and it’s at that stage that participants engage with our racial equality workshops.


Speaking Engagements — Overcoming Racism

If you have a group, organization, committee, or community that you think would benefit from having one of our speakers deliver a presentation, let us know!

Our specialist speakers engage in conversations about race-related topics, equity, racial equality, and diversity. We work with individuals and groups in the United States and beyond, branching out into international settings, too.

Each organization and group has a unique set of needs, and if a presenter doesn’t know their audience, a lot of important information can fall by the wayside. For this reason, we make sure to get to know our audience. Every presentation and speaking engagement is customized to be relevant to the audience and the environment.

Our professionals are available for discussions, speeches, and presentations that are between 30 and 90 minutes long. In addition, they also offer question-and-answer sessions.

Following every speaking engagement, participants are ready to challenge systems of oppression that are directly within their reach. They feel empowered and capable while building confidence to have the important conversations about equity that really matter.


Our Racial Equality & Equity Consulting Services

Overcoming Racism supports school boards, administrators, directors, and community leaders in deepening their understanding of what inequity really is. We work to help launch affinity groups, guiding them through creating inclusive environments that encourage and inspire others to light their own torches and do the same.

When an organization enlists our services, we consult with them to offer support that can move the people in their organization from unintentional bias to practicing antiracism theory, equity, and racial equality.

Why Work with Overcoming Racism for Intensive Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Workshops?


Eliminating systems of oppression in organizations demand improving relations and changing outcomes. Change can only occur when a group or organization shifts its practices. This is where Overcoming Racism shines and makes the biggest impact. We teach organizations and their leaders how to effectively make that shift.

For more than 15 years, we have been leading and teaching racial equality, inclusion, and diversity in the antiracism space, empowering people to be ready to challenge what is — because what is need not always be.

We build equitable structures and organizations, helping our partners provide better services for their customers, students, or patrons. Employers can improve employee safety, satisfaction, and retention rates. Students can feel safe at school. Community leaders can feel empowered to make changes for the betterment of everyone.

We work every day to eliminate the differences in outcomes for students, employees, or customers who fall along the lines of difference. Any organizational leader who asks why they can’t retain people of color or why the disparity between black and white students in their school system is so great can benefit from working with Overcoming Racism.

What sets our professionals apart is our focus on educating and strengthening the leaders of organizations, not just the people in them. It isn’t enough to focus on and single out racist beliefs and individual biases; we must focus on entire systems of oppression at the root causes.

At Overcoming Racism, we are all former school administrators, faculty members, and teachers. We have been trusted to work with corporate organizations known for taking the reins of social justice issues, including the NBA.

Cultivate Your Antiracism Landscape with Our Intensive Workshops


What sets us apart from other organizations like ours? We work on building more equitable institutions with a focus on education. This is possible since we are all educators ourselves. 

We don’t solely focus on individual beliefs and biases because we know the problem is much greater than just that. Inequity is rooted in organizations and in their systems, policies, and procedures.

Overcoming Racism works tirelessly to eliminate oppression within organizations of any scope. Our teams are dedicated to changing outcomes and helping organizations shift their practices by teaching and leading the cause within the antiracism space.

We give all partners, organizations, and groups who contact us for speaking engagements, executive coaching, intensive workshops, or other inclusion training sessions the tools they need to empower their people to improve. We inform them, inspire them, equip them, and teach them to do their part in building a healthy, equitable society that lifts everyone up. 

It’s not enough to just want to change; we enlighten our partners to recognize systems of oppression and dismantle them. They learn to build relationships across racial differences and cultivate an environment that is antiracist to its core.

Contact Overcoming Racism Today


Whether you choose two half-day workshops or one full-day session to begin, you’ll be actively working to advance racial equality and equity from the foundation of your organization. We have partnered with groups of every size and type and would be honored to partner with you, too.

Reach out to learn how we can tailor our workshops and programs to your group. If you’re ready to do your part to help catalyze the movement toward equity and inclusion in your organization and beyond, contact us at Overcoming Racism today!



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