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New Courses - 90 Minute Series


Leading for Change Series

Series Description - The Leading for Change series explores the “how” behind actualizing institutional change. Participants will build knowledge and skills requisite for leaders desiring to launch and sustain equitable change. Leaders will explore and solve for common pitfalls in the process. The following topics are covered in this series in 90 minute sessions:

  • Managing the Change Process

  • Critical Conversations

  • Navigating Racial Conflict

  • Creating and maintaining anti-racist policy

Exploring Equity Series

Session Description - The Exploring Equity series is designed to provide an exploration of foundational concepts and principles that inform equity work at an individual and institutional level. This series is comprised of four 90 minute sessions covering the following content: 

  • What is Equity?

  • Bias and Microaggressions

  • Defining Power, Privilege, Oppression, Racism

  • Critical Conversations


Freedom Teaching Series

Session Description - This series explores the Freedom Teaching model as well as its five tenets explored in the upcoming book “Freedom Teaching.”  Freedom Teaching is about unlocking our students' full potential by creating classrooms that challenge, affirm and empower them. The following topics are covered in this series in 90 minute sessions:

  • Building student's self-esteem

  • Centering cultural competence in the classroom

  • Building students academic identity

  • Rigor that is relevant and culturally affirming

  • Enhancing student agency 

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