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Freedom Teaching Educator Worksheet

This worksheet is designed for classroom teachers to accompany Matthew Kincaid's transformative book, FREEDOM TEACHING to reflect on how teaching practices can elevate Tara Yosso's six different forms of cultural wealth. 

Link to Worksheet

Overcoming Racism Blog

In this space, we embark on a journey of introspection, education, and action to confront the pervasive issue of racism head-on. Here at Overcoming Racism, we believe that meaningful change begins with understanding and acknowledging the complexities of race and its impact on individuals, communities, and institutions.

Through our blog, we aim to spark thought-provoking conversations, challenge ingrained biases, and offer actionable insights to foster a more equitable and inclusive society. Join us as we explore topics ranging from systemic racism and implicit bias to allyship, antiracism, and the power of collective action.

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