We can continue to address the symptoms of educational inequity we can address the cause, systemic racism.




Overcoming Racism seeks to build more equitable institutions, through comprehensive race and equity training. With a primary focus on education, Overcoming Racism equips educators with the tools to build culturally responsive schools and classrooms, that promote the development of the next generation of anti-racist agents of change.

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I am deeply grateful to Overcoming Racism for the work they that have done with our team.  The sessions we have had with Overcoming Racism have been some of the most highly rated staff PD in the history of our network, and I can already see the positive effect they are having on the culture of our team. We've done some of this work before, but Matthew's experience working with our kids and communities draws us closer to the work that motivates. Not only that, it draws us closer together as a team. I recommend Overcoming Racism highly to any organization seeking to elevate their understanding of, and action around, race in our country--and strengthen their own team in the process.

-Ben Marcovitz (CEO) Collegiate Academies, New Orleans, LA



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Anti-Racism Workshop (Open to the Public) 
Friday, August 25th - Saturday 26th 9:00AM - 4:30PM


Recent studies from Forbes, Harvard Business School and McKinsey, have the business world buzzing about diversity. The findings of these studies cite, that diverse organizations are more innovative and grow faster, earn more, and are better at problem solving.

The question is, once you have managed to hire a diverse staff, how do you get the most from your diversity?

Getting a bunch of different people in a room together is not in itself magical, creating an environment that cultivates and affirms all of those people’s differences is where the magic starts.

Overcoming Racism’s tip for building an equitable work environment is to invest in equity, not equity like your bottom line (all businesses do that), but equity as in cultivating an environment and climate where all of your partners, employees and clients feel SEEN, HEARD, and VALUED.


Message from the founder


I attended my first anti-racism workshop when I was fourteen years old. At the time I did not realize how profound of an impact it would have on my life.


For me studying anti-racism has answered a lot of questions, primarily the question of difference. Since the founding of this country, which has grown to be notably diverse, we have struggled with what to do with difference. How do we view our differences as an asset, instead of something to ignore or fear. In leading race and equity workshops for over fifteen years, I have found that our fear of embracing differences often paralyzes our ability to have productive working and social relationships with people who are different than us. I founded Overcoming Racism because through my race and equity work I have been able to envision a world where our differences do not divide us, they don’t limit the potential of some, or enhance the potential of others, they don’t cause us to fear or distrust... (Continued on next slide)


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